domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

The Scent: Well as you can see i have made a little teaser that is intentionally short becouse im searching for a nice animation to put in the eboot icon.Music by me as allways (very amateur i know). Progress is around a 40% , im designing a new engine so we can reutilize some code in case i want to make a secuel of this game or create  a new IP within the same genre. Still ,im an amateur programmer so there is a lot to learn but also a lot to do with what i have learned already. Probably you have noticed that im far away from perfect in the english grammar so there will be some changes in the script.

Aspergia: Miscelaneous mode is almost done plus the addition of 10 levels in the single player. Some clean up of the code here and there also. Miscelaneous Mode will consist in different levels  with puzzles to resolve for example "put those blocks over there in certain order" or " get to the goal without touching the line.Im considering to enter a enemy boss every 5 levels. An the new addition will be the split of Single Player Mode into Story mode and Arcade Mode so there will be 5 modes plus a
Option mode that will give you the ability of changing the difficulty and some other shit like see a credits animation(that will include the license of the game).
So Aspergia will have the following modes at the end:

Story Mode
Arcade Mode
Vs Mode
Miscelaneus Mode
Options Mode

Modes that could be....
Time Attack

New Project: The new project will consist in a 2d platform game, probably similar to n+ so there is some sketch of this  and is in the game planning phase. Here some sketches that will be improved in a future not far  away: Well see ya in the next post.