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SHPNP Beta Release!

Hey guys im planning to release this Silent hill Play Novel Port for PSP today , in a few minutes it will be in the internet .Enjoy it!
Below the Readme:

Proyect Silent Hill Play Novel Portable or SHPNP.


This game it was made without any purpose of selling or stealing the characters created by the Silent Team. It is made for fans by a fan and should NOT be charged or used without asking any type of permission.


Create a port from the PC version and Original Version o Silent Hill Play Novel so we can play it on our PSPs and Vitas. Once completed there will be a third version wich will be the "arrange" version of the game wich will include some hd CGs and original music of the Silent Hill game mixed with a couple of twiches on the minigames and "gameplay" of the game.


Original 2001 GBA game released as Silent Hill Play Novel. It was an adaptation of the first Silent Hill game in the form of an interactive graphic novel(choose your own adventure style.. It was never released outside japan territory.
It was translated completly by Toby Normoyle.
There was a Flash game released for PC owners using some of the Toby Normoyle translation but with a few changes in it.

Features:(Demo Version 0.20)

Game select screen with custom bacground made by me.
Pause Menu with custom bacground made by me.
Digital Trading Card options added.You are not able to see the cards separetley yet.
Selector icon image (the moth) customized in photoshop by me as it belongs to the moth on the cover box of the game.
PC Silent Hill play novel port , you can play a part of harry scenario and the andy scenario(with a few bugs)
This version it doesnt have the Toby Normoyle's translation.


Dpad--It could be up or down or it could be left or right. it is used on the menus like game selection and pause mode , and also when selecting the caracter.

Cross ---Select

Circle---Back(when its available for example the pause menu)

Square---Debug View: Allows to see the current option and the gamestate.

L shoulder button --- Scale Image to 480x272(only works in game or in the character selector area as well as the digital trading cards)

R shoulder button --- Unscale or scale back Image from 480x272 to 317x272

To DO:
Lenguage selector(SPA, ENG)
Cybil scenario
Complete Harry Scenario.
Correct Andy scenario.
Refine the options Menu with custom background and selection icon(in progress)
Convert movies.
Apply Sounds(in progress)
Complete the PC port version including some effects.
Complete the Original Version
Translate the game to spanish in both versions.

Why am i doing this?
I am a Big Silent Hill Fan.
I feel more comfortable playing Silent Hill Play Novel on the go.
I am learning a lot with the experience due to the fact that i am an amateur and unexperienced programmer.
Silent Hill Play Novel is one of the most interesting materials and refferences to the first Silent Hill game also it was created by Team Silent!

How To Install:
This port was made with LuaDev so any custom firmware that is able to run LuaDev it should work.
Unzip the files and move the folder  "SHPNP Beta ver0.20"  in the path \PSP\GAME and enjoy the game!!

There are a lot of things to improve and this game is not playable at all yet but at least you can see some of the story on your psp already.


Finally !!! enjoy it guys!And if there is a good reception of this i will end it before the end of this winter(summer in south america)

Thanks to (soon in credits option):
Lua.org and the Lua dev team
LuaDev by Deviante (for his amazing LuaDev)
Toby Normoyle's (loc182) for the translation in english (in spanish it will be based on this translation and will be created by me)
Whoever created the shpn pc port.(it inspire me to port it)
OoNEKERAFAoO fo the Antiplagiador Program(thanks man)
alchemillahospital.net    (Source of Information)
silenthillmemories.net    (Source of Information)
psp.qj.net                    (Source of information)
wololo.net                   (Source of Information and Excellent tutorials)
psp.scenebeta.com      (Spanish website with excellent Lua Tutorials and support by the users on the forum)
evilmana.com              (English web site with ease to read tutorials about programming in psp)
My friends Dash and "el Pibe" for believing in me. For being part of the "Dogs On Fire" crew.
My girlfriend for being the perfect panda one who i adore and love.
All of you who are interested by the Proyect.

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