jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

[UPDATE] SHPNP Beta is back!

Well its been a while since i have released a new Beta for this port . The truth is:  my computer just broke and i wasnt able to code anything for a few months. Im really sorry for this. There has been some noise around Silent Hill Play Novel  meanwhile:

24th of January 2013:

Amy the creator of the original PC flash version of the game(2007/Alchemilla Hospital) has released the final version with the complete game. This version has been posted on the official Silent Hill Facebook page also:

4th of April 2013:

Fenixero from Taringa was able to pull an excelent port with sound and effects and is working on the spanish translation along with Luna from Survival Horror Downloads. This, althou is in WIP(3rd revision) will be the very best version for PC users becouse in general aspects is the real experience of the original GBA game on your PC. Check it out here:

Original post from Taringa:

Last but not least , the new version of the SHPNP(this one is the one im working on) will include the arrange mode (althou not yet completed) and will have both english and spanish languages selectables from the go. There will be some changes ,for example : sounds will be available , there will be no PC version mode, etc.

Screenshot showing the Arrange mode in Spanish:

Remember:  the other 2 versions are for PCs  and this version will be only available on PSP for now.
I have to congratulate both coders  Amy  and Fenixero for their work is a great one and will help bring back this game from the dead games wich we dont understand ´couse of the language .