domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012

SHPNP Beta 0.40 sooner than later

Well ive been working hard to get better with this pseudo port im creating for you guys. The idea is to have the full silent hill play novel experience on the go in english and spanish(and a possible russian translation).
there is one of the modes that is a complete remake or an enhanced version of the play novel game and that will be the "arrange" mode.
So just to tease you i have the introduccion screen(designed by me) so you can see it will be a different point of view(my point of view) of Silent Hill Play Novel:

Next revision 0.40 it should contain the first part of the original mode and probably a teaser of the arrange mode. The important thing is that the PC version mode will be complete with mostly all the endings for harry(there will be 2 missing that i will add later) and for cybil. Andy is already done but it will be translated to spanish.
So what is Arrange mode? it is the same game with better graphics , music , sounds and probably more detail in the story part(based on "the novel" book). the minigames will be redone from scratch and it will include some hd  cg images from Silent Hill Play Novel that were used originally to create the gba game.

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