viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

I am alive! indeed

Its been a long time since ive been here. today i will post some pics that for some reason i have never posted. So we can keep alive the hope.
News goes as follows:

The Scent:
Engine almost done. Preparing a tool so we can create animated scenes using the Lua scripting lenguage.
Graphics will be improved in no time.
There will be a gallery mode and an in game diary mode.
Traspassing code from LUA player to LUA dev so we can have a better performance and more compatibility regarding the psp models now it will be playable on the 4 psp models  psp 1000, 2000, 3000 and go but some of them will have to use the half byte luncher.
Preparing new trailer including gameplay scenes and not a blurry and shitty video like the last gameplay i show 1.5 years ago.
Working on nintendo ds and 3ds versions(i dont think it will use the console's 3d capabilities)
The idea is to make the IPs multiplatform.
 Some new screenies and artwork form my friend Leandro Garcia(Pencil sketches):
Fake poster created by your servant

Eboot Icon Image created by me

Leandro Garcia's Artwork

Leandro Garcia's Artwork

Leandro Garcia's Artwork

Early Sketch by me

A totaly new and improved Aspergia will be born soon enough.
Engine its already finished , thanks to that  there will be more Aspergia titles in the future and we can improve the code faster.
Working on a new physics engine model so we can make a more  " realistic" gameplay
new artwork and OP scenes are already created.
The new Aspergia will be an excelent addition to your psp/nds/n3ds  and if i am lucky enough psp vita library.

See ya in the next post.