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This will be the official blog for the games made by the PPG group
  • The PPG group was founded by in_cpdo or C.Sebastian Pereira C.All games and source code belongs to the owner of this blog and shouldn`t be used for lucrative purposes.
  • The idea of the blog itself it is to keep you informed about the updates and progression regarding the games we are creating.
  • For now games will be published under free Creative Commons License and the code can be used for you in another proyect if you give credits to the owner of such work.
  • For now we have three different proyects regarding games:

  1. Aspergia: A pong styled game  that happens to be my first game ever , hoping to end it up well.Aspergia has already a vs mode(no need for a second psp) a single player mode and soon there will be a miscelaneous mode.Status.Beta
  2. The Scent: As a proyect for the PSPHACKS Horror Game Competition its an adventure-point and click like game that already has a background story ,  some scenarios, a point and click system. Althou still in an Alpha Status.
  3. The third proyect is under general ideas development yet, but probably its the most ambicious one of the three , hoping to have the Beta Version Released Before December.

Guys I just hope you like this free games , and also im more than welcome for hints or tips in order to improve the performance of such games.
Farewell my friends!

The Scent coming soon!


This is Just one of the first  images i made thinking of this game. the Mask that you see its a real one that i have painted myself so can look scarier.

One of the scenarios.

The excecution  of Joseph Garrow.

The first level .Motel`s first floor. A sink

                   The Dreamer


Aspergia beta edition has been released.
download link


Scientists have learnt to liquify the "Abstract " world , toughts , feelings and different emotions are now in a little bottle in a liquid form, of course something goes wrong and everything explodes , becouse of that accident people have turned into little squares with faces and the world its a mess.
The world is now a big mass of thoughts and feelings all mixed out but the thing is that the feelings and thoughts are now in a solid shape transforming the world into "Aspergia".
Little square faced fellas live there known as the "Aspergos" some of them likes the world as it is
so they will try to defend this utopic dream.

 You are on the other side ,the only solution its to discover how to fix this mess and talk with your ex co worker to see if he knows how to reverse the Aspergia effect , some people is not agree with you and you start to fight with the Psychic Ball against others.
You play as one of the two scientists that couse this trouble. save your privacy regarding emotions , and the world!!

- Pong Styled Game with refreshing story and gameplay(soon hehe)
- 2 modes to select 
- Single player mode with 2 levels for the Beta Demo and 40 levels will be the final amount.
- Vs mode  allows you to play against your friend using only 1 psp!
- Odd characters and design all made by me
- Reverse the Aspergia Effect and save the world from what it is!


Pixel Perfect Games CSPC

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